Terressa Dotson - Achieving Fit. - Personal TrainerTerressa Dotson
♡ Certified Personal Trainer
♡ Lifestyle blogger
♡ Fitness Enthusiast
♡ Guacamole Lover

I started Achieving Fit. as a way for like-minded, positive people to connect. There are so many opinions on how to live “healthy” but a healthy mind is just as important. I keep it real, honest and share full transparency in my experiences. My goal is to connect with others, share my expertise, and live a full life along the way!

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Reviews by my clients

Progress picture of Stephanie, who use the fit. lifestyle personalize plan.
Stephanie B.

“I have always been into fitness but had reached a plateau with my workouts. I needed an extra boost in my routine and Terressa did exactly that.

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Progress picture of Bailey, who use the fit. lifestyle personalize plan.
Bailey N.

“What I love the most about Terressa and fit is her unwavering support. Not only is she always willing to answer my food and fitness related questions, she is never judgmental of my goals and aspirations.

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