Online Personal Training

Intense work outs and extreme diets are not the only way to be fit.

My approach is different.
I believe with the right foods and workouts, anyone can be happy.

Terressa Dotson - Achieving Fit. - Online Personal trainer and lifestyle blogger

$20 online eCamp - don't overpay to be healthy. I pride myself in helping you feel great by living great!

The Online eCamp is as if you were doing a class with others, everyone does the same workouts to see results.

$20 Online eCamp includes:
♡  4 weeks of workouts, which includes both cardio and weight lifting
♡  I’ll be available anytime for questions, support and to help you in anyway possible
♡  Weekly emails with unique recipe and workout tips

Where does your money go?
Everything goes back into Achieving Fit., to improve and grow the community. I hope to bring together those who find strength in each other and working on a program that benefits YOUR lifestyle.

How do you get your workout?
After checking out below, I will email you with your 4-week Online eCamp, questionnaire to better understand how I can help you achieve your goals and I’ll include some healthy meal ideas!

Achieving Fit. - Checkout to download online workout.

Interested in personalized online training?
Email me to learn more!

Reviews by my clients

Progress picture of Stephanie, who use the fit. lifestyle personalize plan.
Stephanie B.

“I have always been into fitness but had reached a plateau with my workouts. I needed an extra boost in my routine and Terressa did exactly that.

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Progress picture of Bailey, who use the fit. lifestyle personalize plan.
Bailey N.

“What I love the most about Terressa and fit is her unwavering support. Not only is she always willing to answer my food and fitness related questions, she is never judgmental of my goals and aspirations.

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