Client Reviews

Ashley Christian
Name: Ashley C.
Plan: Personalized Online Training

When it came to exercising and actually putting the effort in to change I had no luck. I was stuck in a rut and yo-yoing between weight for the past 6 months.

Then I got in touch with Terressa she created a personalized workout plan for me. After the first week I could already start to see a difference, not only in physical but mentally I was changing. I was always about the scale and living day by day with what the scale said. It pretty much would determine my day for me.

Terressa got me to focus more on myself and loving the body I’m in, not the scale. Each week I’d send her reasons why I was proud of myself, I’d also send progress photos to keep myself accountable. I loved the workouts Terressa designed for me, some were easy and some really pushed me.

But if you want to see a change you need to put the effort in and that’s what I did! I lost 9 pounds in my first month with Terressa and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and I look forward to having Terressa by my side to help.

Thank you for everything!

image (1)
Name: Bailey N.
Plan: Personalized Online Training

Before I started working with Terressa, I was never consistent in the gym or with my diet. I have always been into fitness but had reached a plateau with my workouts. I needed an extra boost in my routine and Terressa did exactly that.

Once I began my personalized monthly workouts, I got my workouts on track and my consistency was finally where I wanted it to be! I wanted to be in the gym 5 days a week and Terressa worked with me to make sure that I could reach my goals. She provided me with workouts that pushed me past my comfort zone and challenged me every day. I lost over 20 pounds and 9″ all over my body!

I have never been more happy about where my fitness level is and mentally have my mind in the right place. I have never felt better in my life and I don’t plan on stopping! Thank you Terressa for all you have done for me!

Love, Bailey

image (1)
Name: Luciana F.
Plan: Online eCamp

Terressa’s balanced approach to health and fitness is why I will be returning to fit. I started with the 4-week boot camp, already experienced in weight training, and I still came away from workouts sore in new places.

Terressa was an amazing coach both in-person and online. In-person she made up new and difficult things for me to try, based on where we were and what equipment was available. She checked in with me to see how I was doing, promptly answered any questions I had, and most importantly, she encouraged and praised my non-scale successes.

I came away with better form, learned new moves, and increased my weights – things I probably couldn’t have done by myself in 4 weeks. Terressa’s knowledge and positive energy made my health goals attainable and fun to do.

I’m looking forward to starting a new personalized session at fit. to continue my healthy lifestyle.

image (1)
Name: Stephanie B.
Plan: Personalized Online Training

Making the decision to work with Terressa and fit. has been life changing. When I first contacted fit., I was 9 months postpartum with my first child and still struggling to juggle motherhood, marriage, a professional career, and a healthy lifestyle.

A genetic predisposition to hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol had made me conscious about my lifestyle decisions. Although giving birth to an almost 9 lb. baby and six months of breast feeding were an excellent way to shed baby weight, I was still holding onto ten nagging pounds. I knew this extra weight was not doing my overall health any favors.

Terressa not only helped me understand the training programs provided by fit. but also supported my decision to start with a 4 week boot camp option as opposed to a personalized training option. This four week boot camp included both cardio and strength training and was the perfect introduction to Terressa’s training mentality. After completing the four week boot camp, I was hooked. I have continued to train with fit. through personalized training plans ever since.

What I love the most about Terressa and fit. is her unwavering support. Not only is she always willing to answer my food and fitness related questions, she is never judgmental of my goals and aspirations. She understands that life is constantly happening around us and has never made me feel guilty for missing a workout.

Terressa has not only been an excellent personal trainer, she has also been a role model and a genuine friend. I could not have asked to work with a better person!


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