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I’m a headband girl through and through. Don’t have time to do your hair? Throw on a headband! Don’t have jewelry to wear? Throw on a headband.

Kooshoo gave us headbands when I was in California last week for Idea world Blogfest. Since I established myself as a headband wear-er throughout the week, my twitter started to fill with how to wear these. I couldn’t just let it go to waste!

Here are 5 ways to wear your Kooshoo Headbands! 

1. Concert Life

concert headband concert headband

2. Gym Essentials

pony tail headband pony headband

3. Half Up!

Ways to wear KooShoo Headbands

4. Show Your Eyes, Gorgeous!

ways to wear a headband ways to wear a headband

5. Braid it out!

Kooshoo headbands Kooshoo headbands

The best part about this is they are entirely organic, made in the US and SO comfortable. Follow them and tell them Achieving Fit sent you! Or Terressa, you choose 😉

Twitter: @kooshoo
Instagram: @feelingkooshoo

For the record, more of blogfest will be coming soon! I have so much to share- but in true honesty I have been so busy (CONGRATS TO MY COUSIN ZAC FOR GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND! And my brother Zack for having his first baby! And me for somewhat unpacking) that I had to just get my life together before jumping back into this thing I love called “blogging”.