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It seems easy, make a goal and then work to accomplish it. But we all know that the second you say “I’m going to start working out tomorrow” is the second your tomorrow will never come. It’s honestly a get-up-and-just-do-it scenario.

Every time. If there’s something you want to do to make your life healthier, it’s hard to look past the excuses. I personally think it’s because we look for the aesthetic part of a situation in hopes it will keep us accountable.

giraffeWhatever you decide is important to you, whether it’s loose weight, eat healthier, get a new job, it’s usually because you are focusing on the obvious things you don’t like.

For example, if you don’t like your job; at first it may be because you know someone that seems to have a more glamorous position with a company closer to home and makes more money. You, in turn, start to think of what you dislike about your job.

It’s so natural. I have a small obsession with giraffes. It’s real love. For almost 2 years I continuously said how much I wanted to feed them, to see one up close. In the town that I live, you can very easily go to the zoo and feed them, but I never did.

I was too emotional (true story), I was too busy, I didn’t think about it, etc. Until one day it was just presented to me “we are going to do this”.

feeding giraffesThis is the most magical thing that I have ever done. Every second and emotion will stay with me forever.

“What does feeding giraffes have to do with not making excuses and keeping myself accountable?” You might ask.  Great question! It has to do with stop thinking so much and do what you want to accomplish.

There will be tangible objects and challenges in your way. There will be tears. There will be excuses. But if you want to loose weight, think of the true reason you want to. Do you want to feel good in front of your significant other? Do you want to be able to play with your children, grandchildren or friends? Do it.

Take the steps and use those deeper, hard feelings to drive you. And go feed those damn giraffes! And cry when they come up to you!

There will be a time, I promise you, that you will sit down and you’ll be overwhelmed with happiness and you will feel a sincere moment of “it was all worth it”. I’m waiting for it too, so let’s experience it together. Let’s hold each other accountable. Let’s do what we want to and be happy!

Happy Tuesday! Now that you’re all motivated, stay tuned for a killer workout tomorrow! And enjoy some more giraffe pictures.