Life Update


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Hi, long time no chat.

I think this blog started out as an educational resource for you during your fitness journey. Since then, I feel like I have been fairly transparent by sharing stories and unique things that have happened over the last year.

Speaking of the last year. It’s the most beautiful struggle I have ever been on. And I can’t thank my blog and friends and family enough for that.

Exactly that- a beautiful struggle. So many highs and lows. I have learned so much about myself through trying to be transparent as a trainer, maintaing a full time job and continuing to grow outside of my food insecurities.

So, what does this have to do with me not posting since blogfest? Blogfest was a life changer! I have so much up my sleeve, why haven’t I posted about it? Why haven’t I shared my experiences with Jillian Michaels, Chalene Johnson, Fit Approach, other bloggers?

WELL, drum roll please…


I GOT A NEW JOB! <– that sounds kindof lame. I wish I could just scream audio into this post, I think that would make it better. Sometimes when life gets a little overwhelming, a little too busy; you have to put 1 thing aside just to focus on the bigger picture.

I have maintained transparency in my health and fitness journey, but I have stayed rather quiet about my professional struggles. And as of today, my notice has been put in and I will be starting my new job in marketing in 2 weeks.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a post to just celebrate 1 personal (and professional!!) success, that would be a waste of your time 😉

My whole goal in life is happiness. That’s all I want. I know there are little things along the way- a family, friends, a good job; but at the end of the day all I want is to feel like I’ve done good and be proud of that with smiles.

As you might have remembered (or forgotten, which I wouldn’t be surprised, I have been very MIA!) I have the honor of speaking at blogfest about this very goal. To preface this a little, I remember truly believing what I saying (obviously, it was my idea) but it wasn’t until I got the call on Friday offering me a new job that I looked back at this moment and felt that pride.

So here you are! My speech from Blogfest, long overdue. A quick disclosure, this video was transferred from my girlfriends phone, to my phone and then cut off at the end. So the quality is awful and it isn’t the whole thing, but I hope you’ll get the drift!

Thank you for making a year of hardships and hugs worth it. I couldn’t be happier to continue this journey


Athletic to Athleisure: 5 ways to Wear Your Workout Headbands Out


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I’m a headband girl through and through. Don’t have time to do your hair? Throw on a headband! Don’t have jewelry to wear? Throw on a headband.

Kooshoo gave us headbands when I was in California last week for Idea world Blogfest. Since I established myself as a headband wear-er throughout the week, my twitter started to fill with how to wear these. I couldn’t just let it go to waste!

Here are 5 ways to wear your Kooshoo Headbands! 

1. Concert Life

concert headband concert headband

2. Gym Essentials

pony tail headband pony headband

3. Half Up!

Ways to wear KooShoo Headbands

4. Show Your Eyes, Gorgeous!

ways to wear a headband ways to wear a headband

5. Braid it out!

Kooshoo headbands Kooshoo headbands

The best part about this is they are entirely organic, made in the US and SO comfortable. Follow them and tell them Achieving Fit sent you! Or Terressa, you choose 😉

Twitter: @kooshoo
Instagram: @feelingkooshoo

For the record, more of blogfest will be coming soon! I have so much to share- but in true honesty I have been so busy (CONGRATS TO MY COUSIN ZAC FOR GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND! And my brother Zack for having his first baby! And me for somewhat unpacking) that I had to just get my life together before jumping back into this thing I love called “blogging”.

Do What You Want


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Make this week awesome! 🙂 Do something no one expected of you.

My Week in a Glass


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Blog posts are minimal, but I hope my lack of clips outside of my car shows you how busy it was.

But a good one. It was a good week.

Work hard, never give up. See you tomorrow!

Hump Day Workout!


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As promised, heres a good mid-week workout to get your blood pumping

home workout

What You Need:
yoga mat
weights (5-10 lbs should work)
a chair
your body

Phase One
3×12 push ups
3×15 squats with shoulder press
3×12 side lunges with bicep curl
3×15 back lunges with candlestick raise

jumping jacks 30 sec
burpees 30 sec
mountain climbers 30 sec
rest 30 sec

Phase Two
3×15 traveling push ups
3×20 walking lunges
3×15 chair step ups with hammer curl
3×12 front lunges with side shoulder raise

jump lunges 30 sec
sumo squat jacks 30 sec
skiers 30 sec
rest 30 sec

See you guys next time!

How To Keep Yourself Accountable


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It seems easy, make a goal and then work to accomplish it. But we all know that the second you say “I’m going to start working out tomorrow” is the second your tomorrow will never come. It’s honestly a get-up-and-just-do-it scenario.

Every time. If there’s something you want to do to make your life healthier, it’s hard to look past the excuses. I personally think it’s because we look for the aesthetic part of a situation in hopes it will keep us accountable.

giraffeWhatever you decide is important to you, whether it’s loose weight, eat healthier, get a new job, it’s usually because you are focusing on the obvious things you don’t like.

For example, if you don’t like your job; at first it may be because you know someone that seems to have a more glamorous position with a company closer to home and makes more money. You, in turn, start to think of what you dislike about your job.

It’s so natural. I have a small obsession with giraffes. It’s real love. For almost 2 years I continuously said how much I wanted to feed them, to see one up close. In the town that I live, you can very easily go to the zoo and feed them, but I never did.

I was too emotional (true story), I was too busy, I didn’t think about it, etc. Until one day it was just presented to me “we are going to do this”.

feeding giraffesThis is the most magical thing that I have ever done. Every second and emotion will stay with me forever.

“What does feeding giraffes have to do with not making excuses and keeping myself accountable?” You might ask.  Great question! It has to do with stop thinking so much and do what you want to accomplish.

There will be tangible objects and challenges in your way. There will be tears. There will be excuses. But if you want to loose weight, think of the true reason you want to. Do you want to feel good in front of your significant other? Do you want to be able to play with your children, grandchildren or friends? Do it.

Take the steps and use those deeper, hard feelings to drive you. And go feed those damn giraffes! And cry when they come up to you!

There will be a time, I promise you, that you will sit down and you’ll be overwhelmed with happiness and you will feel a sincere moment of “it was all worth it”. I’m waiting for it too, so let’s experience it together. Let’s hold each other accountable. Let’s do what we want to and be happy!

Happy Tuesday! Now that you’re all motivated, stay tuned for a killer workout tomorrow! And enjoy some more giraffe pictures.


Feel Good Friday! (Saturday)


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A Quick Breakfast You Have To Try!


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Here is a super quick breakfast you have to try!

I absolutely love breakfast, so making it quick and easy is even better. But, when you’re making it for someone else or even a morning pick-me-up, sometimes it’s awesome to make it a little… “pretty” 🙂

On pinterest and other sites, I’ve seen this really easy egg in a bread hole several times. I wanted to try it for myself as a quick breakfast to make for some guests.

egg in a hole


I think they were surprised 😉

What You Need:
1 slice bread
1 Egg
1/4 avocado
All ingredients are measured out per person

egg in a hole

What To Do: 
Cut a hole in the bread (I used a cup!)
Grease or butter your pan and place bread on it
Put egg in the bread hole
Use light heat to cook the egg and flip when ready
Add avocado on top

It’s such a quick breakfast, and has a hidden surprise!


Let’s See How This Goes…


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Every Friday, I want to (try) to upload an interesting and inspiring video from the week. Let’s see how this goes..


You Have to Try This! My Paddle Boarding Experience


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First of all, stop being intimidated because it was way easier than I expected! Might have been the oversized boards we had or the quiet lagoon we paddled around in, but I was thoroughly impressed with my skills.

paddle boarding

When you try this (yes I said WHEN because, just do it) make sure you get a recommendation from someone on the atmosphere of where your renting from. I say this because (THANK GOD) I watched a 5 minute video on how to even stand on the board before going- and the place we went literally handed us the board and said good luck. If you’re looking for true lessons, I would try to call and make sure the location offers them!


What else? Oh yeah, we strapped up and enjoyed some sun while turtle watching #awesome.

Fun Fact: I thought that it was going to be a huge core working because that’s what I read. But, my arms got a beating for sure. Maybe I just have ab strength of steel, who knows? Just kidding. But don’t dismiss the arms cuz they were burning.


Lastly, thanks for keeping me accountable on this, Internet (big hug!)