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First of all, stop being intimidated because it was way easier than I expected! Might have been the oversized boards we had or the quiet lagoon we paddled around in, but I was thoroughly impressed with my skills.

paddle boarding

When you try this (yes I said WHEN because, just do it) make sure you get a recommendation from someone on the atmosphere of where your renting from. I say this because (THANK GOD) I watched a 5 minute video on how to even stand on the board before going- and the place we went literally handed us the board and said good luck. If you’re looking for true lessons, I would try to call and make sure the location offers them!


What else? Oh yeah, we strapped up and enjoyed some sun while turtle watching #awesome.

Fun Fact: I thought that it was going to be a huge core working because that’s what I read. But, my arms got a beating for sure. Maybe I just have ab strength of steel, who knows? Just kidding. But don’t dismiss the arms cuz they were burning.


Lastly, thanks for keeping me accountable on this, Internet (big hug!)