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That’s right, I said it.

You work out, and get rewarded for it.


It’s so cool, I hardly believed it myself. EveryMove helps you track your progress and activities through a point system, every 500 points you get a prize. Like a real one. It can be discounts off of your favorite food or apparel or even donating to charity.


I found a couple of friends when I signed up through Facebook that also have the app, so together we can see how active each other is being and even give bonus points to each other.


I have used My Fitness Pal, which I still absolutely love, and I also have a fitbit. Best part? You can hook these apps up to Every Move and still earn your rewards. I haven’t done this yet because my phone is old (I know I know..) but once I upgrade it, you better believe my fitbit will be connected.

What else will you love about this, besides everything? I love that I can put whatever I am doing in there from cleaning to lifting and receive points for not sitting on my rear all day. The points are also completely attainable! I already earned a reward and I have had the app less then 2 weeks!











Download it and let me know what you think, Its completely Free!