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I think I have mentioned it already, but my boyfriend and I are on a challenge to not drink for 2 weeks. Which includes this weekend. Can you tell it’s on my mind? I could have definitely used a glass of wine this week.

Since its already Friday (can I get a hell yeah?) I thought of 5 things you can do this weekend that are active, healthy and avoid the bad stuff.


1. Try a new activity: As I said on Tuesday, I want to try paddle boarding. Now that it’s Friday, we still haven’t looked into it (what? I’m just being honest) but do as I say and not as I do.. do something you have never tried and make it fun!

2. Go to the Beach or pool. I find sunshine and a good book the best stress relief method out there.. and a bubble bath. Get some Vitamin D!

3. Go to a Movie: total 180 here. But there are some good movies out right now! Go at night if your not an early sleeper. Or during the day if you are (I’m in this category).

4. Go to a Coffee shop and sit outside. This sounds divine to me. If your lucky, walk or bike there!

5. Get friends on your level. Whatever you do, make it something that doesn’t temp you if your doing our goal, or even make a point to do something active together. A friend and I are doing yoga Saturday morning!

Regardless of what you do, relax and enjoy the time off! You deserve it 😉

See ya Monday!