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I think I just put a lot of pressure on myself.

And you 😉

So I have a small obsession with YouTube. And by small, I mean I spent a solid 7 hours catching up on all of my subscriptions yesterday. No, I’m not kidding. It’s also partially why I want to start vlogging. Not kidding on that either.

ANYWAY! I came across this video a couple of weeks ago and I was really attracted to it from the get go. And for some reason, today it came back to me and I really want to share it with the world.

Isn’t that just adorable?

So I didn’t come up with 25 things to do. But on the topic of summer, and warm weather and happiness; I came up with 5 things to make sure you have the happiest summer ever!

1. Take a weekend to do things completely outside of your comfort zone. For example, my boyfriend and I love to go out to eat and try new beers and wines. For the next 2 weeks we have decided to not have any alcohol at all. (omg, what?) That includes the weekends. We aren’t the type to go out and party much, but I do love a good mimosa on a rooftop bar at brunch time (come on Milwaukee, you know what I’m talking about). So, this weekend I want to try paddleboarding. I think. It’s not official yet but thats what I want to do. Cheers to the internet for keeping you accountable.

2. Try to think of everything you said you would do when it was freezing out, and then do them. Mine was “I’m going to be in the sun everyday as many times as I can!”. Because this winter was brutal. So far on the weekends I have done a pretty decent job at this.

3. Check out a new relaxation method. Mine would be a true meditation class. I have always wanted to try it and never been.

4. Cook once a week. Not the mass amounts of chicken for your lunches and heat it up for dinner. But really cook. Find a recipe and invite a friend over and follow it.

5. Find positive affirmations to remember and tell yourself. I struggle with this one too- especially in bikini season. But as my friends always tell me and I always tell you, confidence is the prettiest trait a woman can have. We all have insecurities but having good people around you makes it that much better. Here is an affirmation I want to remember:

“I am worthy of seeing myself as beautiful”

What are your summer plans!?