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Not the alcoholic kind, sorry!


To help cleanse the liver and set your metabolism up for a great day ahead, try this lemon shot (or drink). Lemon is also an alkalizing food, meaning it helps level out the acidic levels in your body. Doesn’t make much sense, since it’s a citrus and tastes acidic, right? But they actually help raise PH levels food when combined with the juices in your body.

What you need:
Hot Water- either a cup or small amount
1 Lemon
Coffee Mug or shot glass

What to do:
Boil your water
Pour into your cup of choice and add juice from 1 lemon
Drink as you please!

I prefer mine as a drink, but my boyfriend can’t stand lemon, and therefore lets the lemon water cool down (VERY IMPORTANT!) and takes it as a shot before his morning tea!

Happy Monday !