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Tomorrow is the Fourth of July which I hope leads you to beaches, boats, bbqs and sunshine!

fourth of July


A long holiday weekend means lots of fun and sometimes, lots of bad decisions. Don’t pretend it doesn’t happen.

Here are a couple of things to help you recover and look great in your bikini this weekend!

1. Water. Easy right? Hydrate hard, especially in the sun. I am totally that person that loves having something in my hand and sometimes that can lead to overdoing it. Alternate your cocktail with water and load up in the morning. I try to follow the rule “no alcohol before noon” over summer holidays, especially on a long day.

2. Eat as fresh as possible. Get your fiber in throughout the day with fruit and pack some summer veggies to munch on along side potato chips. Because lets be real, chips are the best food ever created. Again, try to alternate those unhealthy with the healthy and load your plate with the good stuff as much as possible. Keeping sodium levels in check will help you feel great in your bikini too!

3. Ask to prepare your own grill stuff. Or bring it already prepared so the grill master just has to stick it on. Load your chicken with lemon juice and herbs and put it in foil to pack in your cooler! This way you know whats on your stuff and can accomodate good vibes from it. Be generous too, and bring an extra for a friend to try!

Have an amazing weekend and ENJOY YOURSELF!