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This is a serious one, but I don’t think its something to pretend doesn’t happen.

For anyone that suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, you know how intense and terrifying it can be. It’s not something to mess with and always comes at the worst times (My last one happened to be at a concert with friends I haven’t seen in a long time. I’m also notorious for panicking on airplanes).

Regardless of if you have anxiety disorders or a stressful job, theres ways to keep it under control and minimize breakdowns! Here are a couple I thought of and plan to utilize!

1. Find your trigger points. Mine happen to be food induced because of a fear I have of getting sick. I wrote down things I know that make me anxious and why. For example, caffeine upsets my acid reflux and makes me shaky and ansy. When those reactions happen together I get anxious and think of irrational consequences.

2. Plan it out. Don’t surround your life on a list, because I think some of the best things happen spontaneously. But, if you find yourself forgetting to pay your cell phone bill or when you are out of down, put it on your calendar on your phone. It helps you look at your week or month in the whole picture and gives you something to look forward to (whether its when you have visitors or a weekend of nothing!)


3. Make time to relax. Life gets really overwhelming and it’s hard to come home after a long day of the gym and work to see your dishes aren’t done and laundry needs to be cleaned. But make time. Just like anyone tells you to make time in the gym, make time for a bath. Or a good book. Or watching the sun set. Make time for the things that help you reflect positively on what you do everyday.

Regardless of the intensity of your stress, it’s important to keep it under control and focus on recovering! Happy Tuesday!