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Finding the Right Gym Outfit

We are women, we want to look good and be comfortable, always! With the trend of active and “athleisure” expanding before our eyes, I think that it’s getting easier to find outfits we love to wear to the gym. Sometimes you just grab the first old t shirt and sweats you can find; but if you want to feel comfortable and have clothes that support what your activity is.. try these common situations

Know what your going to do at the gym
Are you running? Doing yoga? Lifting? Going on a walk outside? Know what your going to do before you put the clothes on and pick accordingly.

For running: make sure you have a good sports bra! Yes I’m talking undergarments, it’s ok. Sports bras are a good investment, especially for runners. Replace them often to make sure elasticity stays put and you will thank me. In complete honesty, I’m really bad about buying sports bras. When I am in a pinch, sometimes I will double up for a long run and then go buy a good bra later- I know it’s weird but its better than the alternative.

For Yoga: you want form fitting, stretchable clothing. Your body will be moving and you don’t want to get caught on your too-long pants or your shirt riding up while in downward dog.

If tight clothing (especially to the gym) makes you uncomfortable, I promise you it’s natural and theres no judgement in the yoga studio allowed, EVER. There’s also lots of places you get get good yoga clothes for all body types. Lorna Jane has great clothes and of course the ever-so-popular Lululemon. If your looking for plus size outfits for your yoga class- try Athleta

For Lifting: This one can also be awkward, right? Especially being a woman. You don’t want to be distracting to men but you also want to hold your own and be taken seriously while doing bicep curls. For this one, I ALWAYS, always always always make sure that my pants are not see through. Especially on leg day. Do squats infront of your mirror. And side note- when you buy new pants, stretch them a little and look to check if you can see light through them. No one, I repeat, no one wants to see your polka dot underwear while PR on the squat rack.

As far as shirts go, I usually wear whatever I want and emphasize whatever I am working that day. If its arms, I’ll wear a tank. If it’s shoulders or back, I will wear a cut off or yoga top.

For Walking (alone or with friends): Layer. Your body temperature will rise and adapt to your surroundings but not as fast as when your on a run. If it’s chilly, wear a jacket and then take it off if you get hot half way through. Also, make sure you have good shoes- this goes for running too though. You don’t want to get a cramp half way through a gossip sesh with friends and be 2 miles from home!

Let me know what your favorite places are to find gym clothes and how you stay comfortable! Tag me in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with your adorable colors and outfits!