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So, I have to preface this review with the honest fact that I am not a supplement person. I don’t take BCAA’s before the gym, I don’t have 4 servings of whey protein a day and if you asked me what fat burner I use I couldn’t even tell you a brand I know of.

vega sport

That being said, when I was given the opportunity to review a Vega Sport product, I wanted to try something I don’t usually use. You’ve seen my other Vega posts and I love their products so I knew that regardless of what I tried, it would be a pleasure.

And I was right. I opted for Vega Sport Accelerator because I’m busy with clients several days a week and typically workout with them, so I get sore. Not only did it taste good, but it truly is a great recovery supplement.

vega sport

I gave 1 to my mom after she did my bootcamp (sorry!) because she was sore and she loved the taste. I also gave one to a friend who did a half marathon and got fun snap chats after the race of their juices. This product hits all parts of the spectrum and is easy to carry around for those mid day guad cramps (you know what I’m talking about)

My one concern was that it had ginseng in it. Honestly because I was like, “oh no, ginseng is in energy drinks and I think I read somewhere once that it was bad for you” and that is the most of my knowledge until I decide to look into it. However, when I looked at the ingredients, I couldn’t even find ginseng in them! It could be under a different name, as all things are, but thats a concern I choose not to worry about given the other good ingredients in it!

ingredients I have been seeing all vega products at my local Whole Foods recently, which makes me really happy. But you can also get this supplement and the others at their “Fuel Your Better” campaign page.

Good Luck!