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Hello again! Long time no chat.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know the story. I have been revamping my bootcamp the last couple of weeks, traveling, trying to get my life figured out and something amazing- launching outdoor bootcamps in Milwaukee! It’s busy, and I’m still working full time.

Hence why the blog has kind of gone on the back burner. I promise it’s only temporary. I love blogging- like, love it. So I promise to make things interesting again soon.

I was inspired tonight because I took the evening to just relax. Not work on client plans, or think about work, my bootcamp or the visitors coming into town this weekend (Hi Mom!). I truly took an hour where I locked myself in the bathroom and took a bath. Something I haven’t done since, I don’t remember when. I know that was my first time doing it in my current apartment, which I have lived in for 2 years so that tells you something.

My life is changed. Relaxation is so key. I have talked about yoga, deep breathing and a positive mindset but man, get yourself a bubble bath and make that happen. You will thank me, I just know it.

So, in honor of my newly found relaxation as I enjoy a glass of wine before bed, I thought I would share a couple of bath essentials to really get you in the mood.

What you need in a bath:

1. Candles. turn the lights off and load the room with candles. You will feel like a princess.
For the record- this isn’t my bathroom. Although I wish it was.

2. Sweet Tunes. I used a Spotify playlist called “Your Favorite Coffee House” and it was perfect for the occasion.

3. Bubble bath or bath bomb. My sister in law got me a bubble bath from bath and body works for my birthday that worked absolutely fantastic. Here are a couple of others I plan to get soon.
Bath Bomb from Lush or even a honey bath, which fascinates me.

4. An inspiring book. I actually choose a book I bought in college to skim through and now plan to reread. “If you have to cry, go outside. And other things your mother never taught you” by Kelly Cutrone. From the first page, I was reminded why I am doing what I do and where I am, and mostly, that goals can be helpful but not crucial to your success. Let your passion take you where you belong!

On that note, I wanted to share a poem on the first page of this book because it really hit home for me. I hope it finds you well also:

Are You There Babe? It’s Me, Soul
This is how you’ve been imprinted to use
your relationship to power- to use it against
yourself. Every day we create reality based on
what we’ve been programmed to believe. So
we spend most of our lives not really thinking
clearly and coherently- not initiated
thought. We spend a great deal of our lives
not really living, but existing in programmed,
reactive belief that we call thought.

We can blame the oppressor, the
predatory mindset, we can blame it forever
and it doesn’t mind. It doesn’t care.

We need to use our energy, our
intelligence in an alternative way to
the way we have been using it.

-John Trudell

See you soon ❤