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I had a really interesting conversation with my sister in law this weekend. She was helping me paint some picture frames for a bridal shower when she asked me if this was something I wanted to take pictures of for my blog.

The conversation turned to what is Achieving Fit about. I told her that it was about finding yourself in what makes you happy and maintaining a fulfilled life that way. She challenged back with “since you are certified, does that mean you just focus on working out and that stuff?”.

Great question.

I thought about it while we were painting and I came to the conclusion that while being healthy both mentally and physically is crucial- it’s not everything.

This weekend I had wine and did DIY projects with my sister in law and that makes me happy. So why not do a post on it, right?

Pastel Picture Frames

Inspiration (Via Pinterest)
pastel frames

We bought the frames from Goodwill, took them home and primed them.

picture frame

primed picture frame

We took the glass out of the frames and set aside for chalkboard painting. Then, we painted the frames pastel colors.

painted picture frame

painted picture frame

While those dried, we put chalkboard paint on the glass and then decorated the frames!

chalkboard painted picture frames

That’s it!

Let me know what you did this weekend that made you happy!