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My life could be changed forever. To preface why, protein powder and bars are hard for me because I am sensitive to whey protein. Based on my lifestyle preferences, I do prefer plant based protein and thats exactly what Vega offers.

So far I have tried 2 different kinds they have. One for sustaining energy while working (although I used it as a pre-workout because I lifted early in the morning!) and the other as a day time snack. Both were absolutely delicious.

Vega Sport Energy: Chocolate, Coconut, Almond
Found here.

vega sport energy bar What I loved: This was the most moist, flavor saturated bar I have ever tried. No joke. I’m not much of a peanut person and you couldn’t even taste the almonds in here while still getting added benefits. I snacked on part of it before a workout and after while my breakfast was being made and it was wonderful! The chocolate was the best!

What I didn’t love: If you don’t absolutely love chocolate, this won’t be for you (obviously). I would also consider myself to have a weird thing with texture and food. I actually enjoyed the texture of this bar but, I could see if it would bother some people. The texture was very moist and soft with little to no chunks in it.

vega sport Vega Snack Bar: Dark Chocolate, Mixed Nuts and Sea Salt
Found Here

vega snack bar


What I loved: Chocolate, chocolate, CHOCOLATE! This was a fantastic sweet treat and snack all in one. When looking to relieve a salty and/or sweet craving, this would be the perfect thing to keep around.

What I didn’t love: As I mentioned before, I am not much of a nut person. It also has the highest sodium levels of all of the snack bars which makes sense since its a sea salt snack (duh!). But by high, it is only 125 mg, could be worse ladies and gentlemen.

vega snack Until next time!