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Last week I teased you with my first thoughts on Nikki Sharps 5 day workout plan. All held true through challenges and sweat as I finished up all 5 days.











The set up of the plan is very similar to her 5 day detox. There is more information then you know what to do with including what stretches to do when, the background of what workouts your doing and how they can help you, etc. There is even a printable food diary you can use if you feel so inclined.

Day by day the workouts varied and were very cardio based. By cardio I don’t mean “jump on a treadmill and go until you die”, I mean the hard core HIIT that makes you want to burst out in tears and go celebrate at the same time once you are done. I took on speeds I have never tried before and did so many squats, burpees, push ups and crunches I feel like I put on 5 lbs of muscle in 5 days (impossible but doesn’t mean a girl can’t feel strong, right!?)


I truly feel like this plan is the perfect sense to get your mind back in the right place to kick up your workouts a notch. I would even feel comfortable recommending it as a regular form of exercise. The sets are diverse and challenging enough to make it a staple. I got the most out of this mentally. I truly hate working abs and cardio is something I get bored with quickly, so forcing myself to do 4 HIIT workouts and abs daily was just what the doctor ordered.

Sore was a feeling I got familiar with over the week but not over extended. It left me motivated to stretch out and go on the next day.

stretchingSo on to what your really looking for out of this; the results. I personally found that I was able to eat more, drink more water and had enough energy throughout the week to fuel the workouts. Did I loose any lbs? Honestly, I don’t weight myself so I can’t answer that with facts. But I can tell you I probably didn’t loose any actual weight in just 5 days. But, I wasn’t trying to. I was trying to jump start my spring motivation and get a feel for new exercises. So in that case, did I succeed in results? Absolutely.

I did loose a little bloating from eating bad over the weekend and drinking more water, so I call that a win. I would recommend trying the plan for 2-4 weeks to really see fat loss results. After 2 weeks of following the plan to a t and getting a feel for the cardio dense exercises, I think a person could get some benefit from adding light weight to some of the otherwise body weight workouts in the plan. Just a thought!

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Until next time!

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