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You have 5 more days to vote for me to speak at BlogFest. So I thought I would explain a little further into what I would talk about if I was chosen and why.



What I decided was important to speak to is goals. I have always had short term and long term goals, as everyone does, right?

Short Term Goals:
Make your meals for the week
Exceed your longest run
Blog 3-5x a week
Get up early 3 days this week to workout
Go to a social gathering once a week

Long Term Goals:
Graduate high school
Get a bachelors degree
Find a job you love
Find a different job if you eventually do not love above job
Be Happy.

As I have gotten older and achieved certain goals and felt what I thought I would feel from them; I keep finding that the success of one goal just leads to making another. I don’t often sit and let that calm breath come and let myself feel true happiness or pride for what I have accomplished. This goes for short term goals too- and that is what needs to be done more often. The gym is not a punishment hour because you ate a cookie 2 hours before. The fridge is not scary. Your job does not force you to be there. You deserve to find happiness and you deserve to learn to be proud of what you have done.

So, as my last post about BlogFest (for now 😉 ) I want to thank you for reading this blog and thank you for voting. One of my short term goals is to be able to speak at BlogFest 2014 and if that comes true, I owe each and every one of you a giant hug.

#14- The Pursuit of Happiness