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Here we are, back at it! Nikki Sharp has become someone I not only look to for physical inspiration (let’s be honest, she is absolutely stunning) but also mental. This woman is so strong, and so talented when it comes to guiding a healthy lifestyle, I am truly honored to be able to review yet another one of her products.

If you haven’t seen my review on Nikki’s 5 day detox, check it out here. And if you are interested to learn more about her background, I also got to interview her.

Nikki Sharp workout plan

Almost a month ago (where does the time go?), Nikki released another product; a 5 day workout plan! I am doing the plan this week, with a full review going up next week- don’t you worry!

I decided to read through it and offer my personal opinion of the main question. I am sure you are asking; How can you see results in just 5 days? What about this plan makes you loose weight and is it credible?

Well, great question, thanks for asking. Let’s put on our logical hats for a second and dig into them.

1. Is it possible to see results in 5 days? This plan is very HIIT driven with timed exercises and 2x a day workouts. It is possible to see results with adequate food and water intake and not depriving yourself! Before you freak out with the 2x workouts, the morning routine is 10 min max; helping boost metabolism and get you started for the day!

2. Is the plan credible? Are the workouts safe? Without giving too much away, I can be brutally honest in that Day 1 was challenging and put together perfectly. From reading the 5 days, there is no workout similar to the next and you are experiencing several types of workouts in one. I think this is great if you are new in the gym or working out in general; it helps you find what is challenging for you and what you enjoy.

3. Keep a positive mind! Nikki states this in her plan and I admire it so much. The key to seeing results in a healthy lifestyle is to keep yourself happy! Treat yourself and keep stress levels low.

Good luck! Keep an eye out for the full product review next week!

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