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So early right? We are only 5 months old! Here’s the deal:

The brand name Fit. was very broad, which is what I wanted at first. We are all alike in our journey striving for our greater goals, right?

Old achieving fit logo.

But as I started to find my voice, connect with people and businesses alike; I started to see myself more as a blogger.

thinking at the beach, in Carlsbad, California.

I am in the process of achieving my bigger goals in my life, in fitness, in my personal relationships. And so are all of you!

running along the ocean in california

That is how Achieving Fit. was born. This is a place for you to learn, develop, find yourself with the world! You’re happy and sometimes you’re sad, but you’re learning to build and achieve what you want out of a full, healthy life.

brand new achieving fit logo

Here are all of my updated links – officially!

Instagram: @terressanicole
Twitter: @terressanicole
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/achievingfit
Website/Blog: http://www.achievingfit.com

Thanks for the patience as we changed everything over, I hope you like it!
Also, please vote for me to have the opportunity to speak at BlogFest this year!
#14 – The Pursuit of Happiness