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I got my new resistance bands in the mail yesterday, and couldn’t wait to try them out first thing this morning! Resistance training is great for your body, a good change in heavy lifting and is also easy to keep at home for those quick workouts.

holding a bag

Why you should own resistance bands at home

1. As I said before, quick workout. Enough said. Press the snooze for an extra 5 min, you deserve it 😉

2. No spot buddy needed. You can add as much “weight” in resistance as you’d like with the bands, but there is no heavy metal involved so you can completely skip finding a spotter

3. Cost effective. Skip the gym membership (if you choose to. Personally I like the atmosphere of the gym) not to mention, you can save on storage!

4. Increased range of motion. Because the bands push and pull with your movements, your actually forcing your body to have correct range of motion while controlling the bands. This is perfect for people just starting out with weight lifting and helps prevent injury.

5. Uses your core. The resistance of the bands (ironic name huh?) in both the push and pull of your movements uses your core significantly. Free weights can do this too when you focus, but that is lost in some cases if you lift too heavy or too fast.

I got my band set from Amazon!


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