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Okay, I’m going to try do this the least annoying way possible. But, in true shameless fashion.. will you please vote for me?



I am number 14!! This competition through Fit Approach is to have a speaking segment at this years BlogFest in Anaheim, CA. Not only is Disneyland my single favorite place on the planet, but just thinking of the possibility of speaking to people like me and sharing my story.. just makes me want to dance.

I hope that you take a couple of seconds (literally seconds!) to vote #14! Check everyone else out too but just vote for 14 😉 Just Kidding! If someone else tugs your heart strings.. they deserve it!

Thanks again. I love you all and love blogging for your entertainment and helping you learn while I also learn! I hope I can keep doing this for a long time, as the last 4 months have been overwhelmingly amazing.

Real post coming soon, I promise.