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I promise, the pictures and stories will stop once I can get over how amazing of a vacation I had. <– since that is never, I promise that at least this story has relevance.


One thing that I feel like I could always work on is setting goals and achieving them. I’ve done it for major things in my life; getting a bachelor’s degree or getting certified as a personal trainer. But those day to day goals take a back seat as life passes by, and that can get frustrating over time.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am afraid of a lot of things. It’s a real struggle to go on a road trip with me, let me tell you! When we got to California the beach was so gorgeous and we saw surfers and swimmers alike everyday in the waves. On day 1, I set out to get in the water before I left.

Day after day I met my goals of being active, eating well and enjoying my vacation. But at the same time, I was making excuses everyday for not going in the water. The rip tide was too strong, the water was too cold, etc.

Finally on the last day, as the sun was setting, I saw a girl no older than 12 run full speed into the ocean and swim along the currents. She did this for a solid 10 minutes before I stood up, channeled my inner child, and did the same.

The exhilarating feeling of being absolutely terrified of the waves and internally knowing what to do at the same time was something I will never forget.

ocean water

Whether your goal is to get a promotion in your current job, start a blog ;-), or work out an extra 2 days a week- set it and work for it! Good Luck.