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I was in California last week having the time of my life in the warm weather. One of the things I made a point to work on, was staying active and healthy while still taking advantage of the vacation I had worked so hard to plan. Here are a couple of things I did and found success in over my 10 day holiday…

Finding Food:

1. The first thing we did when we got to the condo was GROCERY SHOP! By buying food, we kept costs low and felt great so we could enjoy the week.

2. Yelp was a huge help in restaurants we wanted to try. That way you can see hours, attire, price and menu before you step in. A lot of the hidden treasures in the city we were didn’t even have websites, so this was a gold mine for us.

3. Keep close to allergies and typical food habits. It was important to me to not only accomodate what I usually do for food (load on the veggies, minimal meat unless organic and especially free range  eggs) but also my visitors. We made it work!

Quality Active Time:

1. The first thing I did was enjoy myself all week! I did not step food in the gym once, but I made sure to get up early everyday and either yoga, run or do a quick circuit on the patio.

2. WALK! We walked everywhere! One day we even rented bikes for 3 hours and just rode (that was a challenge on some of those coastal roads!)

3. Meditate. It was really easy to get lost in the sound of the waves from the beach to the patio at our condo. I made a point to recite things I was thankful for or quotes that keep me calm while I watched the sun set at night.


1. Save money by grocery shopping. The main reason I grocery shopped was to accomodate food allergies but we also made a point to eat out for 1 meal a day, just to try new things. It saved HUGE $$ without too much sacrifice.

2. Stay true to what feels best. It’s so easy in an exciting, unfamiliar environment to loose site of your goals or habits. Reality is, I don’t feel well when I am sedentary, hungover or don’t eat well so I made sure to prioritize that to make the best of my vacation.

3. HAVE. FUN. It was hard to stress about much when I could turn to the west and see nothing but ocean. But if anxiety creeps up or outside things get in the way, take the time you need to recover and bounce back when you can!

I stepped off the plane yesterday with a 40 degree deficiency from when I stepped on, but I am happy to be home and get back to my normal routine.. including blogging 😉


See you next time!