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I can’t contain my excited that I will be leaving for vacation in 24 short hours. So today, besides gloating just a little, and with Spring Break vacations slowly coming upon us, I thought I’d share some of my vaca healthy tips!

vacation packing

1. Let yourself Indulge: not in the eat-until-you-puke kind of way, but enjoy what you want to enjoy. Have a cocktail, eat a couple slices of pizza, whatever makes you happy. The point of vacation is to be thankful for what you have and able to celebrate, so don’t deprive yourself.

2. Fit in a Workout: Walk or run along the beach, or find a free boot camp in the area. Staying active on vacation is the best way to come back feeling revitalized and less sluggish. This is the perfect opportunity to try something new such as hiking or horseback riding. I am hoping to find somewhere we can paddle board in the ocean!

3. Eat Consistently: Make sure you stick to your normal eating habits, even away from home. Low blood sugar symptoms are NOT fun and they are also hard to recover from so keep snacks with you for between meals.

4. Keep Hydrated: This should always be a priority but especially on vacation. Have a couple of cocktails and enjoy yourself, but make sure to keep a liter bottle of water FULL with you at all times. Try getting fresh juices pre-packaged or find a juice place to get some of your fruits and veggies in liquid form to hydrate!

5. HAVE FUN! Do what you want to and find the time to be thankful for where you are. Try getting up a couple of mornings to watch the sun rise, find beauty in where you and what you appreciate. Keep your mind positive and your heart full, and enjoy yourself!

See you guys when I get back! I will be sure to post some of the fun, active things we did along with a couple of outfit posts.