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Now that you have seen my at home tips on Alex’s blog last week, it’s time for an at home circuit to try!

This should be challenging, as all workouts should. Otherwise its a waste of time, right? Work hard, sweat hard and let me know how you like it!

What you need:
A Chair, couch or ottoman


Don’t forget to warm up!
1 min jumping jacks
1 min butt kicks
1 min high knees
1 min skiers

Circuit 1: Legs
3×10 jump lunges
3×15 jump sumo squats
3×50 mountain climbers

Circuit 2: Arms and back
3×15 bicep curls SS* tricep extensions
3×15 1 arm row SS 20 superman exercise
3×10 burpees

Circuit 3: Chest and Shoulders
3×10 push ups SS :30 sec plank
3×15 shoulder press SS front raises
3×50 mountain climbers

Cool down with a nice stretch

*SSW= super set

Good Luck!