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stylish fit tuesdays

I am so EXCITED to be launching a three week series with my best friend Alex on how to live fit and stylish! Make sure to check out Stylelista’s blog where I am doing a post on what’s in my gym bag!


Happy Stylish Fit Tuesday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed last week’s post and I can wait to share this week’s post. Going to the gym, I of course don’t go without my iPhone. While I love being able to bring my iPhone and track my every move during my workout, there are certain things my phone can’t do, at least that I know of. I love knowing how many calories I burn and my heart rate, and when I run I obvy don’t want to hold onto the treadmill to get my heart rate, so I never know. I have had my eye on some gadgets that help monitor your heart rate, track calories burned, and more that I want to add to my gym routine. While I am all about staying on a budget, all of these are affordable and under $100 but help improve your workout in various ways!


1. Polar Heart Rate Monitor $60: this monitors your heart rate and calories burned. 

2. UWaterG4 $60: this is perfect for swimmers it’s an mp3 player that works underwater!

3. Sprint Digital Fitness Watch $45: This lightweight watch is perfect for any workout. It has a countdown timer, date function, alarm, and best of all a 30-lap memory!

4. Fitbit “Zip” Wireless Activity Tracker $60: This is one of the coolest gadgets I have seen since it literally does everything. It is so small and discrete and calculates steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled throughout the day. You just clip it to your belt, pocket or bra and it wirelessly syncs to your smartphone or computer!

P.S. I wanted to do a quick plug for my very first e-Book that was released last week! It’s all about being the most successful blogger you can be and is only $10! I hope you’ll grab a copy and share your thoughts! Purchase it here!