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If you follow me on any other form of social media, you probably already know about this amazing opportunity I have been given; mostly because I have been shouting it from the roof tops since the day I got in contact with SweatGuru.

sweat guru

But, if this is new news to you, WELCOME to the party! SweatGuru is a San Francisco, CA based start up (sister company to Fit Approach) that is redesigning the way fitness experts coordinate their careers as well as connect with their clients. The team focuses solely on creating a real family bonding atmosphere, and it is extremely refreshing! I plan to use SweatGuru this summer for boot camps around Milwaukee! Surprise! It’s the perfect scenario.

So, I am SweatGuru’s newest expert and TODAY my first blog post goes live! Check it out here. Don’t worry though, Fit. is staying right here, and so am I! I am really thankful for the opportunity to share my experience and passion in both places!

Go show them some social media love, they will give it back 100x over. The entire team has welcomed me with open arms and I can’t wait to continue doing the same and expanding into their family as well.





xoxo Fit Fam! Happy Wednesday!