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2 words that make your heart sing, right? What if I add on “delicious”, quick and easy pumpkin muffins 😉

I started making these around fall time when pumpkin is cheap and we are all in the spirit. They have been a hit in my household and I have continued to make them on occasion through the winter!

Pumpkin Muffins 


  • 1 box cinnamon coffee cake mix
  • 1 can pumpkin puree
  • Set your oven to 350 to preheat.
  • Mix the pumpkin and coffee cake together and put equally in muffin tins.
  • Bake for 45 minutes and your done!


Aside from taking quite a while to bake, these are one of the easiest things I make. The preparation is nothing short of lightening fast! Not to mention there are great benefits to incorporating pumpkin into your diet.

Benefits of Pumpkin

1. Great fiber content! Fiber is good for your digestive system, promoting regularity and helping the body digest and rid of toxins more easily.

2. Iron! 1 cup of pumpkin has 20% of your daily recommended serving of Iron, for women. It is actually almost 40% of men’s daily serving. Iron is good for your immune system.

3. Reduces internal inflammation. This is good for bloating but also for your organs! Internal inflammation can lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes or arthritis.


Grab a muffin, and enjoy your Tasty Tuesday!