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This is an interesting concept I have been toying with for a couple of months. There is a Cyga studio near my apartment that I had wanted to try for a long time for several reasons. A: I had never taken a cycling class before and B: It’s right up the street from me.

I tested out several instructors at this studio and found one I really enjoy working with. She is extremely knowledgable and welcoming. In fact, my first class she strapped my feet in the bike for me after showing me exactly how to change the seats and why. Now thats humility if I have ever felt it.

The music is fun and the crowd is usually as independent as I am, but great energy. The idea of Cyga is half cycling and half yoga in one class. I attend the 1.5 hour class so it is 40 minutes of each, the perfect time. Cardio+stretching is a great combination.

There are several benefits you can get from this combination as well.

1. It’s a great balance and ab workout. On the bike you have to engage your abs and balance techniques to hit different stages such as first, second and third position.

2. You have the opportunity to do a sculpt yoga after a great cardio warm up. Using light weight with yoga poses helps with muscle strength and definition.

3. You are forced to stretch after you cardio workout. I know I struggle with that sometimes, but lengthening and stretching your body after cardio is a really beneficial habit to ad to your regiman.

Google a studio near you! Check it out. I would recommend finding an instructor that you can relate to and trust, it will make the workouts that more enjoyable!


Happy Hump Day!