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OH NO! Tomorrow is the super bowl.. did you forget too?

Okay, I didn’t forget, but I did forget about making sure to have plenty of snacks for fans and commercial viewers a-like. Good thing I have officially deemed myself the queen of quick, healthy snacks for any group of people! And to end the week of Fit. Food, here are my top 5 links and recipes that will satisfy you on any occasion.

1. Turkey Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
It’s as easy as it sounds. Grill some asparagus, wrap 1 piece of turkey bacon around 2-3 stalks.. perfection.


2. Guacamole and Salsa
This is just a given. Make your own Salsa or get low sodium from the store! My guacamole is easy and there’s no added “stuff”.
What you Need:
4 avocados
1/2 onion
Garlic powder
Crushed red pepper
Black Pepper
^^Literally mix/mash all of it together and serve with veggies or chips!

3. Sweet Potato Taco Salad
Incase you missed it this morning.. Here you go!

4. Chocolate and Salted Popcorn
Sounds dangerous doesn’t it? It’s all about proportion! I made a large bowl of popcorn and took 1/4 of it and put it on a cooking sheet, melt some vegan or 100% dark chocolate chips in a pan and drizzle on top. Place in the freezer for 20 min and mix together! While you are chilling the chocolate, do my salt trick for air popped popcorn and your all set!


5. And pretty much anything on this page. Seriously, how can you pick one? I think I would go for goat cheese crostini.

Truly if you’re in a rush, you can never go wrong with a veggie plate. Trust me, the men will eat whatever you put in front of them.. maybe they won’t even notice that its vegetables?


I’m actually a 49ers fan, but my grandma got me this Denver jersey a couple of years ago and although I should be sporting my niner gear, I am happy to be wearing this in her honor! <– Keeping all other comments to myself, sometimes football talk can be as bad as politics!

Hope everyone has a great game day!!