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Now that you’ve had some time to breath from learning all about the pros and cons of juicing. Here are a couple of companies I have learned to trust and like. Also, if your brave enough to juice at home, what to look out for!

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Suja Juice: Based in San Diego, California, these juices taste fantastic. Not to mention they are on top of the industry and keeping new things coming before we know they are needed. This company was my first reference when looking into juicing, as well as the cold-pressed technique. They have 2 lines of juices, 1 that can be used as the cleanse or meal replacements and the second that is mostly fruit juices in a smoothie form. They have adequate calorie intake per bottle (1200 for a full day) and truly taste good! Each juice can be doubled as either a cleanse (which they have a great FAQ section and informational information on cleansing on their website) or it can be a snack that is easy to take along on a busy day.

Blueprint: These juices taste really good, plus I can’t help but appreciate the simple packaging. They definitely advertise their cleanses vs snack juice separately. I have never done the actual cleanse, but love to pick up the pineapple, apple, mint at my local Whole Foods! The website is fascinating, the juices are by “level” as beginner, intermediate and expert. This is perfect because although juicing is great for the body, it’s also quite a shock the first time you do it. Although the beginners juices only add up to about 900 calories for the day, I wouldn’t do this more than 1-2 days max, personally.

Juiced!: This is my local recommendation for my Milwaukee-ans out there. Buying local has more benefits than just keeping jobs within your city, buying local fruits and veggies gives you small amounts of allergen exposure for your area, giving you a better immunity to them. You can then avoid colds, flus and other sicknesses a little bit easier. These juices taste really good, plus are delivered to your door! Because its local (for me 🙂 ) it’s significantly cheaper which you can never complain about.

Pressed Juicery: I saw a regular juice subscription offer on this website which is really smart. People who are invested will really benefit from something like this. They also have “sampler” options for about 7$ a bottle that you can try and experiment with before committing to a cleanse.

Any of these cleanses would be credible to your diet. The price tag can be really hard on the eyes are first when looking at pre-packaged juice. But I have actually found it to be worth the price- no clean up, or organizing and buying the ingredients. Plus you can almost guarantee it will taste good everytime because professionals are creating it for you consistently. Not to mention you can grab and go on those days you have to head to work, take care of the kids, hit a yoga class on time or run errands (aka everyday). BUT if you are adventurous enough, there are some things you can always include to your at-home remedies to get the most of your juices.

1. Always add greens. I usually blend mine and until they are juice-like (may still be pulp, its ok!) to get more volume for my buck. The nutrient levels in greens are crucial to your juicing experience. You can’t just add fruit and call it a healthy meal, there needs to be variety, just as if you were eating it.

2. Add your antioxidants! Blueberries, strawberries, etc. add those antioxidant levels to make your skin and hair feel great!

3. Alkalize. This is a benefit of juicing in general. Add those acidic juices to help alkalize your body! Lemon is a good one to help balance out the veggie taste and keep the body in check.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with juicing. Educate yourself and make sure to be consistent with what you put in your body outside of juicing and you’ll feel great!

Good luck!