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I have researched and experimented with Juicing and Juice cleanses over the last year or so. It has gotten a lot of both good and bad media. Through my experience I have gained a lot of knowledge and to-dos that are important to retain before starting to juice. This is a long one so grab a tea, sit back and take it all in.

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First: Just like anything else in your life, it has to come in moderation. Do I recommend juicing every single thing you eat forever? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Do I recommend it everyday? Not really.

Why? Because while juicing and juice cleanses are one of the best ways to give your liver and kidneys a rest while still getting the nutrients and calories your body needs, its just not a way of life. You have a liver and kidneys for a reason; for them to work to digest your food. Why don’t I recommend it everyday? Because there’s no point to pressure yourself that you NEED this in order to be healthy. Does a green smoothie for breakfast sound like a great staple in your diet? Yes, yes it does. But you will be okay if its not every single day.

There are some really fulfilling things that can happen with being conscious of juicing your veggies and fruits on occasion:

1.Noticeably less bloating. Consistent hydration means your body doesn’t feel the need to hold onto any excess water because it knows that you will replace it. Therefore you look and feel a lot lighter and leaner. Juicing hydrates you faster than eating the same things.
2. Glowing skin. This also comes from hydration. When you take care of your skin and stay hydrated, your skin can actually maintain a healthy “glow” or natural tan. Fruits with antioxidants such as blueberries help with this!
3. Increased Energy. Which can be linked to releasing toxins. When you are reset from overexposure to unnatural processed foods, you actually gain increased mental clarity and energy levels.
4.Naturally release toxins. While your giving your organs a rest and loading up on the good stuff, this naturally starts to rid your body of the toxins that promote uncomfortable feelings as a result of sugar, caffeine, salt, etc.
5.Boosts your immune system. Juicing actually takes away the physical form of the vegetable or fruit and leaves you with just the nutrients and taste, giving your body that extra boost of natural vitamins naturally found in them!

Second: I don’t think you should do a juice cleanse more than 3 days. Some companies recommend 5 and thats cool. Personal experience I have had is there are great anti-bloating results that come from juicing 2-3 days, but anything outside of that feels forced. You get hungry, you start to crave chewing food and also the detox side effects that come with juicing in full force can really just catch up with you mentally.

Detox side effects? WHAT? Yes there side effects that come with juicing and any sort of detox. I have seen them and they are somewhat unavoidable. But, that being said they stay for a short time and you feel almost immediately better. Below are a couple of side effects you may see when doing a juice cleanse:

1. Migraine. The first juice cleanse I ever did I got a migraine the first day. But the next day my energy levels were up and I was more focused so I would say it may be worth it.
2. Cold. I have also experienced a full blown cold coming off of a juice cleanse. It actually really sucked but is normal.
3. Cravings. Cravings can be bad the first day or so. If you drink a lot of caffeine or sugar this side effect will be normal because your body is addicted to them.
4. Hunger. Especially if you aren’t making sure to get adequate calorie intake with your cleanse. This is crucial, do your research. At no time, EVER should you be consuming less than 1200 calories, even if its a “detox” or “cleanse”. That just forces your metabolism to shut down and you will gain the weight/bloating back immediately.
5.Fatigue. Did I just contradict myself? Fatigue can come with the hunger/not eating enough but if you are a big meat person, a glass of juice will feel like significantly less amount of food. As long as you make sure your getting adamant calorie intake, fatigue is normal and passes quickly. So this really does become a benefit after that initial shock!

Do you feel overwhelmed yet? Don’t. We are done for now. Check back on Wednesday, I will give info on what juice cleanses I have done or recommend as well as what to make sure you include when juicing yourself at home!