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aerial It took me almost half the class to get the courage to do this. But I did, and that’s a good feeling.

Aerial yoga is similar to common yoga in that you’re connecting your mind and body in a way to maintain inner calmness, strength and confidence. The initial fear of falling quickly subsided for me when my outstanding instructor informed me that the way you are tangled is natural and nearly impossible to fall out of.

I went to Pewaukee Movement Center for my class. It was all of our first time, so most of the class was trying poses and getting comfortable with the silk, while sneaking a couple of iPhone pics. The instructor, Julie, was so welcoming and extremely knowledgable.

Benefits of aerial yoga:

1. You’re in a full antigravity position so there is almost no pressure on your back, and your spine is naturally lengthened.

2. You’re almost forced to have a mind-body experience due to the concentration needed to be safe and stretch while in the air.

3. You don’t have to be flexible! Your body is not forced to perform these sequences. The way you are wrapped, you fall where you need to be (literally!).

I am going to try the class again! Now that I’m comfortable, I hope to be a little more fluent in it.

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