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Over the last 5 days, I have been doing Nikki’s detox. The first thing that I really appreciated from her is the limitless details she gave. I was so impressed with the 45 pages of ingredient explanations, what to expect, how to accommodate to the diet change, what and why you were eating things. Coming from someone who typically eats fairly organic, this was still a great learning experience for me!

5 day detox

I thought I could give a day-to-day breakdown of how it went with my open, honest opinion. Here is my 5 day difference. The best part about this is that the left picture was taken Monday morning while the left was taken Friday night (after I had a couple of pieces of chocolate from a work gift basket we got, I’m not sorry, I’m human). Something to take into consideration when you do your own progress pictures; try to take them at the same time of day, I should have waited until the morning but was antsy to see the results. I also did not work out once during the detox, although I definitely would have had the energy to.

My boyfriend also did the detox with me (what a great supporter!). We both typically buy organic, but very rarely measure what we eat. I prepared the meals for both of us all 5 days and Nikki shares how to accommodate for men in the PDF as well which I found extremely helpful!

Day 1: Monday
Today went really well for both of us. Meals were delicious, everything was packed and ready so we just had to grab and go. I drank the 2 recommended liters of water but typically I have more so I was a little skeptical but still went with it. I also had all 3 cups of tea allowed but usually I only have 1 cup of coffee or tea per day so this was also different for me. Meals were good! The afternoon snack was a little light for me and I was really hungry by the time we got home. Whipped up dinner and felt satisfied!

Day 2: Tuesday
This was actually the hardest day. Meals were made Monday so that was easy, my boyfriend made breakfast smoothies for both of us in the morning that we didn’t love. It actually grew on me if it would have been blended together a little bit better but we were in a hurry. He didn’t find it as filling as Monday breakfast so he mentioned that all of his snacks were eaten pretty early in the day and there was a longer period between snacks and dinner. I had all 3 teas again throughout the morning and noticed a small stomach pain but it passed pretty quickly, I opted to lower my dosage for the rest of the week. We had dinner late this night too and I got overly hungry. I tried Tofu for the first time for dinner though and literally fell in love… as you will see below.

Day 3: Wednesday
We both woke up feeling great Wednesday! Energy and focus definitely on point. I noticed that I was feeling a little bit lighter and was drinking the water I wanted which was still only adding up to about 2 liters. I only had 2 teas throughout the morning and still noticed a small stomach pain. I actually googled if it was normal and herbal tea is a natural detox so it is normal, especially when going through a detox, for your stomach to react a little differently. It also passed quickly. I had tofu for lunch AND dinner this day and we stuck back to the breakfast we liked on Monday morning. Cravings were gone, I had received a gift basket at work that I hadn’t even touched and was pretty productive during the day. I also took the below picture at home after work just to see and loved the results.

Wednesday Detox

Day 4: Thursday
I woke up a little late and hadn’t had our meals prepared this day. This truly proves how preparing your meals daily is A. time-consuming but B. completely worth it. I knew that our gift basket had pears in it so I opted to save that for a snack and whipped up some leftover tofu stir fry for lunch for both of us. Stuck to Monday’s breakfast and called it a day. Stir fry wasn’t measured so I got a little hungry by my afternoon snack but we ate dinner early and choose a pancake option. It was delicious!! Going back I would have saved it for breakfast and still had one of the salads for dinner. But I am glad we tried it!

Day 5: Friday 
Oops no alarm this day (I sense a pattern..) Rushed meals together and went out the door for day 5. This was pretty uneventful, I did sneak a couple of pieces of chocolate and skipped my afternoon snack just because I wasn’t hungry. Going back I could have stuck out those last couple of hours but next time will be better! At the end of the day my boyfriend reflected back and both felt great from the week.

We plan to do this monthly as Nikki recommends and I will start to use a lot of the recipes as part of my staples to easily bring to work. Experiencing Tofu for the first time was my favorite, but our favorite snack was the almonds and blueberries. The PDF has every question, interest and concern answered. She even tells you how you may or may not feel during the detox and why. It was a great learning experience on our bodies and loved the internal results we got.

To buy Nikki’s detox, or any of her other clean eating options- they are here. Email her your results and experience, she is great about reacting on her instagram about them. I f you do email her- let her know Fit. sent you!

Happy Saturday! Thanks again to Nikki for letting me try her detox and letting me in on her journey. What a great lady!