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Nikki Sharp is a fitness goddess, model turned clean eating expert that has swept over Instagram. She’s someone I have personally been following since the beginning of my fitness journey a year ago. I am currently on Day 3 of her 5 day Detox and feeling great. Stay turned for the review on Saturday!

I was lucky enough to get to interview Nikki recently and so excited to share what she has told me about her journey. What works for everyone is different, but Nikki does a great job of sharing variety and facts, with the most adoring personality you’ll ever see. Below is the interview I had with her:


What is your story and your background?
My background is that I was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado by two British parents. Colorado is a very active and healthy place but I didn’t really appreciate this growing up. My goal while I was young was to be a famous model! I began modeling at 16 and moved to LA but held off on full-time until I graduated university at 20. From there I moved to Shanghai, then Sydney, Seoul, Bangkok, Athens, London and New York. It was a whirlwind but as I’m sure you can imagine, the modeling world is not a very healthy one! I finally stopped modeling July ’12 full-time (still did part) and that’s really when my Instagram account started growing a bit. I realized that I really enjoyed helping people lifestyle wise and this proved to be worth my time when I was getting emails from my IG followers sharing their deepest secrets and wanting advice. I opened Stay Sharp Be Strong in November ’12 and created my 5 day detox in January. I had no idea it would have the success it did. But I am just so thrilled so many people worldwide have done it! (20,000+)

What is your company and what do you stand for?
My company is Stay Sharp Be Strong and I created it to stand for strength, to be smart about the choices you make and it was a little play on words because my last name is Sharp.

What are your goals for yourself and Stay Sharp Be Strong?
My goals for myself and company are that I want to branch out of just doing e-books and get a publishing deal. I am looking to do my own TV show, along with launching my own skin care line. There’s so many options and my ambitions and dreams are HUGE! I just feel blessed that I’m able to do what I’m doing every day and it will be interesting to see what comes from everything in the next year.

Where did you get the knowledge to create your detox?
Having tried just about every diet I realized something was missing on the market that allowed you to actually eat clean, and EAT at that because so  many detoxes and diets cut out food, and I’m a big foodie! I’ve done various nutrition courses and read loads of books, speak to nutritionists and I’m constantly learning so I created this based on my knowledge of all the above.

Why did you design the detox the way you did?
The main principles were that I wanted to cleanse my body which is why I have so many alkalizing foods, spices, and herbs. I decided 5 days because I have a pretty short attention span and wanted to be able to feel like it didn’t cut into my whole week, and I love food and had no desire to starve myself (which also doesn’t work to properly cleanse your body). I decided to price it so low ($8) because it wasn’t about making money for me, rather getting as many people healthy as I could.

What do you tell people that are skeptical to detox? Such as worried about “starving themselves” or not eating enough just to loose a few lbs?
I tell them that it’s not starving yourself, it’s all about EATING and nourishing your body for 5 days with 5 meals a day. Who can resist that?! We all want to be able to eat and feel better and this is the perfect way. I show lots of people’s pictures, their testimonials, my own pictures, the meals. I’m not trying to hide anything so I show as much as I can.

How often would you reccomend detoxing?
For my detox, once a month is the perfect amount of time 🙂

Why do you reccomend doing your detox once a month?
Because longer than that people feel like they are missing out on life. By all means I do think you should do it longer, but I also believe that giving it your all, 100% effort for a shorter time is more maintainable. You feel that you can actually do it and achieve the results for 5 short days, which doesn’t even cut into your weekend. Once a month really gets you set up to feel great and it’s such a easy thing to do.

What eating habits do you retain between detoxes?
I follow the principles of the detox but mainly the CLEAN EATING GUIDE which is a new product I just created. This details everything on what to do to eat well all the time.

When you are asked what kind of lifestyle you live, how do you explain that?
I live a clean lifestyle that I maintain about 80% of the time. I don’t have strict rules because I think that we need to enjoy living and when people say ‘what cheat meals do you have’ I don’t have them. If I go out with friends I try to order something healthy on the menu, mainly because I just feel better when I eat well. I exercise to feel good about  myself but I’m not obsessive about it. I try to do things I enjoy, which makes them much easier to maintain. I do believe in moderation because the second you say “I’m not having a soda again” you will binge on soda. It’s human nature. I tend to focus on the positive of all the beautiful and delicious fruits that I get to eat all day long, rather than saying “oh I can’t have chocolate.” If you focus on positive you’ll see much better results!

What type of cravings do you get and how do you deal with them?
I’m like everyone else and get cravings for chocolate… I’m a sweet tooth! I try to take something unhealthy like cheesecake and make it into a non-guilty treat. The recipe is here. This is one of my favorite ones because it’s actually so simple to make and it is SO satisfying, not to mention all the ingredients that go in completely nourish your body.


I hope you enjoyed her tips and experience as much as I did! Check out her website and her Instagram @staysharpbestrong for some great clean eating recipes, workouts and great selfies!