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A couple of weeks ago, a local studio reached out to me about taking their barre classes in downtown Milwaukee. I have had friends recommend it before but admittedly, it’s hard to pay for a specific studio when usually the gym has everything you need for a good workout. But not only were these ladies accommodating, sweet people- they offered to take the class with me and gave me permission to review the whole thing. Obviously I couldn’t refuse!


First of all, Barre is a confusing term (I think) until you have either done a class or researched it. Here are the basics:

  1. The term “barre” sounds like a ballet class. And yes, you use the ballet bar for a portion of the class but not the whole time.
  2. It is very movement based. A lot of isometric exercises to engage the muscles, much like yoga.
  3. Some portions of the class require light weights- 2-3lbs. I thought that was kindof silly at first when the trainer in me said LIFT HEAVY ALL THE TIME- but trust me- its effective. I had sore arms for 2 days.


I went to Movement Center in Milwaukee third ward for my Barre class. The instructor was amazing. In fact, all but one of us were taking a class for the first time. She was patient, answered questions and gave us a great workout.

Benefits of Barre:

  1. It’s a full body circuit workout. While isolating muscles groups is great, if you don’t have time- a full body circuit gets the blood flowing and all muscle groups activated.
  2. Improved range of motion. This is a great benefit for weight lifters. When you are lifting the same movements constantly, the muscles need that stretch to keep them elongated.
  3. Improved posture. Enough said! Having good posture can relieve stress on the back, shoulders and other joints.

I would completely recommend taking a barre class as part of a fitness regimen. It was a fun environment and incorporated with lifting isolated muscle groups would benefit your body entirely.