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Results have shown that you can not factor out one part of being healthy by over indulging in another. You can’t spend 3 hours at the gym to cancel out the entire large pizza you ate the day before. Conversely, you can’t only eat organic, pure, true foods while never stepping foot in a gym and expect to feel like 100 bucks. It is about incorporating both aspects into one intuitive lifestyle to get you the best results.

That being said, its expensive to “eat healthy”. The best, most pure products are made more scarcely than manufactured ones. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a few educated choices on how you pick your foods.

At our local grocery store, I usually buy produce that has a “skin” like our citrus options, avocado (because let’s be honest, organic is too expensive) and then most of the things that are canned such as beans, pumpkin puree or olives. Then, I will get a majority of our other grocery items at Whole Foods such as lettuce and other produce, meat or vegetarian alternatives and juice. Today I got broccoli at our local store vs Whole Foods because I eat it steamed anyway, so washing it and cooking helps rid of the additives and is much cheaper.

grocery store

Also, this morning I wanted a latte- okay I admit I want a latte everyday. But I know I don’t feel great after one, which can put a real damper on the rest of my day. A couple of weeks ago I found a coffee creamer that is lactose free and fat-free. No, it is not organic and no, it is not the best option when choosing pure eating habits. BUT it leaves me feeling satisfied without the “guilt” or uncomfortable feeling that comes with a true latte. You can see that it’s fairly low in any sort of nutritional value, but it’s also lower fat, carbs, sugar and sodium than a latte.

coffee creamer

Disclaimer: The average person would probably use 2-3 servings of the creamer, but being aware of your serving sizes can help in situations like this!
latte nutrition
I got the latte facts from My Fitness Pal which is a great source for finding things like this on the go!

Listen to your body and what you want, its okay to indulge. But more often than not, make choices that feel good to you and soon your body won’t even want the bad stuff.

Happy Saturday!