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“The part can never be well, unless the whole is well” – Plato

Yoga is one thing that I have wanted to get more into. The reality is, it’s expensive to consistently go to a gym, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of cheaper options when they come around! Once a month, omTownYogis here in Milwaukee does “Yoga at the Museum” and the site alone is absolutely breathtaking.

milwaukee art museum

When we decide to lose weight or begin a healthier lifestyle, I feel like the natural response is to kick your own ass both mentally and physically. While the body won’t change without adaptation, I think that you will find that adapting to a more positive lifestyle is better than burning yourself out counting down the minutes on the treadmill (although, you do need to hit the treadmill too!).

3 Benefits of Yoga 

1. The obvious Flexibility: Especially if you are incorporating strength training, stretching and having increased flexibility will help you in the weight room but also lower the amount of time you are sore, and help range of motion!

2. Increased Circulation: This is beneficial for a healthy working body anywhere from decreased anxiety to a better working metabolism

3. Blood Pressure Regulation: Practicing yoga regularly can help lower blood pressure which can make your heart happier!

There are so many more benefits that I found here!

Namaste. Have a great rest of the week! Make a goal to better yourself in 1 way this week, try deep breathing or a yoga DVD at home.