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I am a firm believer in the power of your thoughts. It is no secret that when you are happy with the way things are going, good things keep happening. And in turn, when you start your day out poorly, for example, it seems that bad things keep happening. And happening. And happening.

journal writing

Now I can’t say that I am a pro at this. I am actually probably one of the biggest advocates for a negative mind really getting me down. Does that mean that I will stop trying? Absolutely not.

Lately, I have been trying to train my mind to think differently, and its a lot of hard work. Just like stepping foot in the gym is hard for the first time. But, I think that focusing on the goal at hand; soon it will be like second nature.

I came across this idea a couple of months ago and started encouraging my close friends and Instagram followers to do the same. I created hashtag #4weekstohappy as a way to show my clients that this journey is just as much about mental change as it is physical change. Loosely, the idea is that if you make a conscious effort for 1 month (4 weeks) to be aware of the positive things in your life, that you will naturally start to think more positive. Its somewhat similar to the phrase “it takes 1 month to make or break a habit”. You have to give yourself time, and you need to be held accountable. Search the hashtag #4weekstohappy and post! The pictures are truly beautiful.

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If you choose to be a little more personal, one thing I have adopted in the last week or so and found to be really helpful is keeping a journal. Every night before bed, I write down 3 things that were positive in my day. Sometimes it is the smallest thing, maybe having charged your phone the night before so it didn’t die during the day. Sometimes it gives you a reason to write down a great memory you had that day or even finding a good quote you want to reread for harder times. Either way, I suggest a really cute notebook to keep bedside.

bedside journal

Go Wild Fabric Journal 

And with that, I will leave you lots of positive thoughts to make a positive note on today!