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Milwaukee Skyline

I am so happy to have a place to centralize what’s going on in life and how I can help you! There are many things that I believe in, and I thought it would be polite to introduce myself, my background and my goals for Fit.

Hi, I am Terressa. I am 24 (almost) years old. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin originally from Iowa. Midwest Represent!

I went to college in Phoenix, Arizona and graduated fall 2012 with a Fashion Marketing degree. Yes, I love clothes. I love social media. I love all things girly, alternative. I also love live music and warm weather.

Warm Weather!? Why Milwaukee you ask. I also work full-time aside from Fit. How do you do that -you ask. Passion.

Passion Sunset I have so much passion to help people and change lives it just seeps out of me and I get excited and dance. My fitness journey started long before I even thought about getting certified.

I had always been a kid in sports. I was never good at them, but I was active and used my passion towards those sports. Once I graduated high school and become less active, my body started to change. No, I didn’t gain the “freshman 15” or completely lose my morals, but I wasn’t happy with the direction my health was going. I ended up getting in the best shape of my life after being hired as a fitness model for Hydroxicut. No, you can not google my name or find me in a cheesy commercial with before and after pictures, and bad audio. And no, I didn’t use the “magic pills” either. I boycotted them, and I lost weight through cardio, Biggest Loser DVDs, strict dieting and consistency. True story.

I learned a lot during that journey. But it was always a “job” for me. I had an end goal and I had a financial incentive. It wasn’t to improve my lifestyle, I just did what I was told instead of learning what my body wanted and needed. One year after my contract ended, I was at the heaviest and at the lowest place of my life.

Then I graduated college, got a job in Milwaukee and started making small changes. I went back to the things I enjoyed about my previous fitness journey but wasn’t seeing the same results. I had good endurance but I wasn’t consistent in my health. Then, in January of this year, I got an online trainer.

In the Gym Everyday I constantly asked questions, researched and started to become overly in tune with my body. I was on a strict diet again, which I was convinced was the only way to get results. I started over-analyzing my actions and mentally beating myself up if I didn’t hit a meal or gym time.

It occurred to me, through my friends who looked to me for motivation and encouragement while they started their fitness journeys; that this is what I wanted to pour my passion into. I wanted to share educated answers, based on science and real life experience, as well as be myself and fully support them.

So, 6 months later I got certified to be a trainer myself. And I started Fit. as an avenue for people to come to me with questions, but not necessarily have my name attached. I want there to be an idea vs. a person that people fall in love with. I want to teach my clients to live a happy, healthy, guilt-free life. I have been taking clients ever since, and have built amazing relationships with them, which means the world to me.

I created my blog as one more way, outside of Instagram (@terressanicole.. you got it!), to share my ideas, what I learn and to bring like-minded people together. Not to mention it’s fun!

So.. please look around! Email me, share your stories with me -I want to be apart of your journey. I can’t wait to help you feel and look your best!!

stretching with Milwaukee's skyline.